Research in HPC

AstroLab projects

The Application Lab for Astrophysics and Plasma Physics (AstroLab) is a LRZ initiative for high-level support to users of the LRZ facilities from the astrophysics community.

In this framework, I collaborated between 2014 and 2021 to several projects with researchers using of SuperMUC and SuperMUC-NG on numerical simulations, code modernisation and visualisation of massive datasets. More information and details can be found on the AstroLab website and in my lists of astrophysics and HPC-related publications.

Previous project: Intel Parallel Computing Centre (Intel PCC) at LRZ/TUM

The Intel Parallel Computing Center at Leibniz Supercomputing Centre and Technische Universität München is a project financially supported by Intel to modernise community codes for the newest generations of Intel architectures. In this framework, our team at LRZ is active on the optimisation of performance of P-Gadget3, a widely used community code for computational astrophysics, on multi and many-core computer architectures. The author wass proposer and co-investigator of the project, funded by Intel for four years. The figure below shows as an example the improvement in the execution time of a Gadget kernel on different architectures, indicated in the legend, for the original and optimised versions of the code.

Bar plot from Baruffa, Iapichino et al. 2017

For more information and results of the IPCC project please consult our local webpage.

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